About Us – Who We Are & Why

Who We Are:
Coffee producers and traders by family tradition, it all started with italian & spanish immigrants following the new & growing craze for Coffee in Central America…

200 years later still a family tradition, but evolving thru the years into fair trade agriculture.

We are Socially responsible and socially involved.
We finance an elementary school and a community center for the betterment of the areas surrounding our farms.image

Our mission:
Thru the direct marketing of exceptionally grown quality, to improve the quality of life in the region of Ayutepeque (Ahy-u-ta-pake) in El Salvador, Cntral America.


Our Coffee:
Variety/Certification: SHG BORBON-CATUAI -UTZ certified



Red cherry and fruit notes with medium to bright acidity and medium body.
Strictly High Grown Beans grown at altitudes 1100-1600 metros (4500′)
This SHG Red Burbon / Catuaí coffee plantation  was  certified by international UTZ monitors in Dec 2012 as having been grown without the use of potentially harmful chemicals and possessing social responsibility.
Other than the word organic on the label, however, this coffee is graded just like other specialty origin coffee.

Plants are carefully germinated from the best organic non-pesticide production.
They are hand picked and transported in organic bags to the processing plant.
They are then machine washed and laid to dry naturally in the sun. Following a tradition centuries in the making.

Grading & Sorting:
Before export, the coffee beans are precisely sorted by size and weight.
They are closely evaluated for color, flaws, or other imperfections.
They are sorted pneumatically through the use of air jets to separate beans based on density and weight. Through this process, only exceptional beans remain.

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